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FrontPage web conversion to internet standard Expression Web software using HTML and CSS - cascading style sheets

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For EW beginners: See the EW Video page for demonstrations how to Publish 'backward' from you site to a new EW site on your local disk - how to set up your workspace and how best publish for beginners.

FrontPage does not produce 'industry standard' web page code.  The code of your FrontPage pages are full of junk that is Microsoft proprietary and will  not be supported once your host's server does not use FrontPage extensions  - don't panic this will take many months to several years to transition with most web hosting companies but it is happening more and more in 2011 as hosts upgrade their servers. 

There is no direct conversion path for your FrontPage pages to clean code for Microsoft Expression or any other 'Industry Standard' web page editor.  You cannot just copy FrontPage information into you new web editor.  The copied information will still carry the FrontPage proprietary.  Here are some examples of sites we have converted

Site we are converting or sites we have converted from FrontPage to Expression Web

Harlton's Equine Specialties Harlton's Equine Specialties Birthday Jubilee Party Supplies Birthday Jubilee Party Supplies
FrontPage site  Industry standard Expression Web site after conversion for Harltons FrontPage site   Industry standard Expression Web site after conversion for Birthday Jubilee 
Augusta Wisconsin Web 2005 Augusta Wisconsin Web 2011   Woodshed Heirlooms   Woodshed Heirlooms  
Front Page Augusta Wisconsin Web  Expression Web Augusta Wisconsin Web  The Woodshed Home of the Amish before converting from Front Page The Woodshed Home of the Amish converted to Expression Web  
Kohtang Mayaguez Veterans Organization Front Page Kohtang Mayaguez Veterans Organization Expression Web
Kohtang Mayaguez Veterans Organization in Front Page Kohtang Mayaguez Veterans Organization converted to Expression Web  Press Tech old FrontPage site Press Tech site converted from Front Page to Expression Web.  Press Tech specializes in Textile Screen Printing support

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