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We can help you mine the internet

Webs Services - Small Town Webs web ring

Prices for new sites start under $300. We will take care of everything for you - items included in the base price:

  • Set up registration of your web site name - one year registration with our registrar
  • Design of your site
  • Incorporation of your own graphics images and photos or we can help create them for you
  • 10 Email address @yourdomain including webmail, we set up the email addresses for you
  • Statistics - on-demand so you can see how many page views your visitors see, the search words that found you site, the visitors operating system and more
  • We optimize you pages, also called SEO (search engine optimization), so you site gets ranked in Google, Bing and other search engines

The Wisconsin Web Ring is a series of small business sites and small town business directories and sites to help small town America compete against business giants

Our primary service is to create productive web sites at affordable prices

Basic Services / Steps to your initial web site

  1. Free Listings on our Small Town Business Directories
  2. Design and creation of website from content provided by your business including logos and images
  3. Publication to a temporary site for your modifications / proofing and updates
  4. Set up of your set site registration / hosting account / email accounts
  5. Full site publication
  6. Search Engine management - making sure you are found on the internet - including reciprocal links on others sites managed by Wisconsin Webs
  7. Ads placed, free on selected reciprocal sites

Optional Services

  1. Web site hosting for one year for your site
  2. Maintenance and growth of your site and expansion of content (add pages)
  3. Full management of you email profiles, hosting account
  4. Site Activity reports
  5. Tutorials and phone support
  6. Web pages for mobile computing, smart phones
  7. Management of your client registrations and email advertising and marketing campaigns

We also provide computer setup, maintenance, training, network support

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