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Beginning Expression Web for FrontPage users. 

How Expression Web can look like FrontPage and you can edit like FrontPage

Comparing editing in FrontPage to editing Expression Web.  Starting with the basics

This video is Simple Editing in Expression web for Front Page Users

Best viewed in full screen

The hardest to part of learning new software is getting productive quickly.  We usually cannot find on a simple way to start in Expression Web or other software by searching the internet web. Most of the help found is more complicated than just the needed basics  

The purpose of the video is to demonstrate to FrontPage users a way to make and use Expression Web as one might use FP.  It shows how can use editing techniques in EW that are similar to FP.

The scariest things about new software is seeing the obvious complexity when the software is first used. The most frustrating part is getting to be productive quickly in Expression Web 4.  We hope this video helps with both issues.  

We have set up a dynamic web template and a work space that resembles the standard FrontPage workspace.

Take a look at the other videos, "Setting up an Expression Web Workspace" and "Describing DWT and CSS" if you want a simple beginning in learning more.   Part of what we do is prepare a dynamic web template (DWT), with its background cascading style sheet (CSS) for you.  Once the design is ok with you, you can immediately go to work making a productive site.

New simple Expression Web Editing for Users of Front Page


Expression Web Import Site from Web Set Up Expression Web Workspace Publishing to Expression Web Expression Web Beginners Master DWT and CSS
Create New Web by publishing from your host to your local PC.  That is from your existing Web Site (without Audio) Setting up the Expression Web Workspace by using Panels from the main menu (with Audio) Publishing to Expression Web for beginners (with Audio) Describing the Master DWT and CSS for beginners (with Audio) About 25 minutes


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